Diet Sayler

Solo Exhibition

Haus für konstruktive und konkrete Kunst

A sign – as we know – is the trace of a thought, transperency.

… an answer is being sought, a question is a precondition for elucidation. However, the question cannot be defined in mathematical terms. On the contrary, it is always slipping over into the virtual – the trace of a thought as a reaffirmation of the question that is always being asked. What Diet Sayler has been saying to us – for years – in his painting is: that it is the poetic metaphor that lends significance to Concrete Art.

… black signs, ordered in the horizontal, bisect the white surface of a large square. Later, in a series of new arrangements in which we encounter them again, the small black signs have been detached from the linear like swallows testing "free fall".

Through analogue chords – triadic, more rarely also complementary – the material quality of this painting conveys its poetic meaning. The sign, from now on easy to define, becomes the leitmotif running through all compositions; we encounter it again on vast museum walls, ordered in the horizontal or the vertical, as well as singly on weathered walls. …

Paul Gherasim
Bucharest, 1998
Monograph "Diet Sayler", 1999