Diet Sayler

Solo Exhibition

Gallery A

… In the work at A the disposition of the motifs (the Basic Elements) created a kind of visual music or dance around the room; or, to move from metaphor to analogy, they might be seen as a musical notation on an invisible five-line stave, or as a dance diagram. … As in our reception of music, or our view (or our bodily experience) of a dance, the dynamic that informs the aesthetic of a work such as this, giving it the power to move us emotionally and to provoke thought about the nature of things, is a function of unexpected relations and regularities disrupted: the discovery of new harmonics within an ordered universe. …

… So we see that the beautiful music of the piece, whose distinctive melody and rhythms were generated from personal and intuitive decisions (as to colour, height of placement, mural disposition, etc.), mathematical rules and relations, and aleatory device, is the outcome of a wilfully individual utilization of geometric form in actual space. Or we may say that precisely those conditions determined movement of the elements around the wall, "turning and turning again" in the manner of a free dance, whose steps and orientations are known at the outset, but whose frequency of deployment is unpredictably delightful. …

Mel Gooding
London, 1998
Monograph "Diet Sayler", 1999