Diet Sayler


Kettle´s Yard
Cambridge University

…As he revealed in a public conversation at Kettle's Yard with its director, Michael Harrison, Sayler was inspired by the artistic tradition established by his Romanian forebears – Brancusi, Tristan Tsara, Ionescu – to take up painting as a means of securing individuality and freedom within a totalitarian state.
In the same conversation he declared his first influences to have been Matisse and Malevich.
From that ground he has made an artistic and geographical journey to become one of the most significant constructive artists in Europe …

In all of his work Sayler explores the relationship between organization and chance. The works are systematic in their conception, but he welcomes the uncertainty of the throw of the dice (literally in some cases), and the sensual response of his own eye during the process of painting. …
The sensuality of the painted surface is best demonstrated in five recent pieces which are grouped in Kettle's Yard's tallest gallery. These, with titles such as "Medici, Blue Body" and "Siena, Brown Body", are large geometrical figures in acrylic on wood, which stand 5,5cm from the wall plane. Built up with a palette knife, their monochrome surfaces are animated by other coloured layers underneath. …

Dean Hawkes
The Architect´s Journal,
London, 20th April 2000