Diet Sayler

Solo Exhibition

Vasarely Museum

…Developed as a constructed Basic Element in the context of Diet Sayler's painting, the ground has here been exchanged for a real urban environment. The change of medium has greatly modified the way it is perceived without annulling the structure of the work. Transposing the Basic Element not only reinforces certain inherent properties of the work, now placed in a different environment, that have emerged in the course of its evolution – qualities like "individuality" and "singularity" – which relate to the work's environment. Because the conditions of perception have been radically changed by being confronted with a profane environment, the ability to recognize the art form – hence, the art form itself – has been called into question. …

Joachim Heusinger von Waldegg
Karlsruhe, 1998
Monograph "Diet Sayler", 1999