Diet Sayler

Solo Exhibition

Dum umení mesta Brna
Brno (CZ)

… A parallel can be found between Sayler's resonant contrasting fields of colour and the sensuality of Rothko's colours, fine and translucent, applied layer by layer, slowly building to mysterious depths. In Sayler's painting "Throw Piece, Violet on Red, 2/1992", and "Throw Piece, Violet on Red, 4/1993", there is a similar smouldering presentation of colour. Both artists have created some of their most expressive works with warm-coloured paintings. Sayler's "Bivalence, Red and Orange", 1993, and his "Bivalence, Ochre and Red", 1993, reflect a heightened interaction of colour manifested also in Rothko's joyous orange and yellow painting. …

Ward Jackson,
Guggenheim Museum,
New York, 1998
Monograph "Diet Sayler", 1999