Diet Sayler

… His commitment to the basic values of creative subjectivity was reflected in the expression “basic art,” to which he dedicated a statement in 1989.
Proliferation forms a new visual element in Sayler’s work—an unexpected development, not only in this context but also in the light of the common Constructivist understanding of art.
A similar turning point can be observed in Sayler’s career, as was experienced by Mondrian during his time in New York when he cross-faded the pattern of his pure abstract composition with the profane rhythm of frenetic boogie-woogies in his later works. …

Anca Arghir
Catalogue Vera Röhm and Diet Sayler
Städtische Galerie
Lüdenscheid, 1991

… Chance is more than a game with shapes. The real power of Chance has an existential dimension. It touches on the question of the Reason of nature as well as the concept of a world that is subject to a divine scheme.
I wanted to find a new direction, for Chance to be direct, pure, and visually powerful. And that was the free-fall Chance, as used by Duchamp and Arp. The fundamental antithesis to Dada can be found in the constructive conception of the basic elements. The basic elements develop complementarily to one another and can be comprehended rationally, yet they have an individual character and a distinctive, expressive energy…

Diet Sayler
March 1992