Diet Sayler

… Is a creative process even conceivable as extrinsic to its subjective character, without which there can be no free thinking?
I think that the Constructivity principle in art is much more complex and sophisticated. Of course, it also embraces irrationality, emotionality, history and identity. Hence, in my opinion, a completely differently oriented basic element must replace the Concrete element, which is deindividualized and anonymous.
Such an element can only stem from the fragile balance achieved between rationality and intuition. Artistic intuition is not without emotion and it contains a large measure of individuality and identity.
To distinguish what arises out of this difference from the Concrete element, I've called it the BASIC Element.

Identity emerges either individually or in the group. No matter what happens, identity, the sign, carries emotional forces. Forces which separate or unite. These are, however, forces which spring from the Constructive element and fill it with emotion. And emotion is inconceivable without identity. …

Diet Sayler
Nürnberg, 1993
Cat. "Basis Konzepte"
Ingolstadt, 1993