Diet Sayler

… Isn't instability much more deeply embedded in and programmed into the organisation of all structures?
Isn't structure simply the expression of the dynamic equilibrium achieved by opposing forces?
Isn't a work of art, therefore, a field of antagonistic forces and impulses which generate both stability and instability?
The marginal difference between stability and instability is what opens the work of art, creates perceptual continuity and discontinuity, which means openness. Instability isn't simply movement of change within a reference system; it's what changes the system itself. Instability is the expression of a potential force which questions the assumptions of constructivity and charges it with expressive tension. The power of chance is what shakes one's belief in a world view based on a preordained plan.

Constructive harmony opposes the force of disharmony with chance. Disharmony and instability are, in my view, elements of my idiom as an artist and, as such, stem from a Constructive repertoire and supplement it. …

Diet Sayler
Nuremberg, 1993
Cat. "Basis Konzepte"
Ingolstadt, 1993