Diet Sayler

Tracing the stages of Diet Sayler's development as an artist is exciting. Afterwards
one has the feeling that the basic parameters of this evolution must have been
preprogrammed. Parallels are indeed revealed between the basic developmental
process the artist has gone through as an individual and the evolution of our political environment as a whole, which - viewed retrospectively - must have had a
compelling formative effect on the maturing of the artist as traced here over several years.

During the cold war Diet Sayler emigrated from his East European home when the
Eastern bloc was hermetically sealed off. He began his Concrete-Constructivist work
on the most austere, even mathematical of terms, which he had imposed on himself. His colour and form repertoire has been reduced to the two 'non'-colours
black and white and to a single formal element …: a black line, a strip, a beam. …

Dietmar Guderian
Freiburg, 1993
Cat. Diet Sayler "Basis Kozepte"
Ingolstadt, 1993