Diet Sayler

… The size alone gives these colour entities, the "Bodies", regardless of whether they are systematically constructed or not, form of a different quality. Because of their depth, they are manifest as isolated signs. … What counts here, in contrast to the flat Installations of the "Norigramme", is the dialectics of colour surface and entity in relief. Looking into the unpainted lateral surfaces causes a transition of perception from the "frontality" of the colour to the depth effect of the object, which lends plasticity to the colour without repudiating its binding link with the surface and makes it to seem to hover. Released from the wall, colour develops a power that allows it to radiate into space. Even when it still adheres to the orthogonal frame of reference – which it does not always do since it is essentially unstable – its new effective dimension is tangible. It categorically eschews unambiguity. It differs from American "Shaped Canvas" painting in being bound into a system. This is shown in mediation between a feeling for plasticity and the immediacy of colour. …

Joachim Heusinger von Waldegg
Karlsruhe, 1998
Monograph "Diet Sayler, 1999